About Us


In 1967 Don Miller founded Aldonex Inc. in Bellwood, Illinois. Working out of a small shop, the company stressed quality and service. Several expansions later the company is still stressing quality and service. Aldonex Inc. has since grown to a major National and International Corporation firmly established as one at the leading Manufacturers of DC Power Supplies.

Do you have a rectifier that keeps letting you down? Is your calibration coming due?  

We can repair and calibrate most makes and models of DC power supplies.  Bring it to us. We will do a free test and evaluation of your non-operating equipment. 

Aldonex also offers CE and 3rd party NRTL certifications. Click the Read more button below for more information.

Why Choose Us

Quality is what makes Aldonex Inc. a recognized leader in the rectifier industry. This is the standard of measurement that goes into every Aldonex product and service.  This is what makes Aldonex Inc. products perform and last.

We Truly Care

We are small enough to handle you needs with personal service and big enough to tackle the most complex of tasks.

Our Promise to You

We promise to always provide value and outstanding service, regardless of difficulty.

Manufacturer of Quality D.C. Power  Supplies

Since 1967