Standard Features (AH and AHC Models)
12 Digit Non-Resettable cumulative amp/hour/min/second total
· 12 Digit Resettable cumulative amp/hour/min/second total

· One Button Reset!
· EPA Accumulated non-resettable time total
· .000 Amp Hour Resolution (user selectable up to 100A for MIL SPEC applications)
· Supports rectifier shunt sizes from 1A to 30000A (25-200mV).
· Supports a user selectable input. 1-10VDC in lieu of a Shunt.  Truly Universal!
· Blue/White Backlit Display (Great for low light viewing!)
· Permanent memory without batteries
· Corrosion resistant plastic
· Superior Accuracy 1% or better!
· Supports 12-24VDC (2W) Power Input natively and 96-264VAC 1 Phase Input with an included AC module.

· Dimensions: 3 1/2" X 3 1/2" X 2.2” (Outside Bezel Dimensions: 3 3/4" X 3 3/4")
  (Only 2.2” of depth! 3.1” with terminals!  Beats the competition!)​

Controller Option (AHC Models only)
· Includes two 10A Fused relays for rectifier and or pump control (Beats the competition!)
· Each relay has independent set points/controls.

Wall Mount Shown.

- All Aldonex Power Supplies are load tested and heat ran at full load prior to shipment.

- Aldonex Power Supplies are designed to run "continuous duty"  24/7 at Max Load!
- Over 50 years in the business!  We have the knowledge and experience you want!
- SCR, Switch Mode, Tap Sswitch, and Variable Transformer designs.
- Parallel, Modular, Multi-Output Units, no problem!

- Custom Metering Available.  We welcome custom controls and designs.

- High Accuracy and Control on SCR and Switch Mode designs.  Better than 1%!

- Microprocessor based controls for the highest accuracy and regulation!

- NRTL and CE Certifications available
- We will serve you locally and throughout the world

Quality is what makes Aldonex a recognized leader in the industrial power supply (rectifier) industry.  We have been manufacturing power supplies for over 50 years! We are dedicated to building a quality product and providing outstanding service.  Quality is the standard of measurement that goes into every Aldonex Inc. Power Supply, product, or service.  Our products are proven.  Our products perform and last!

Aldonex Manufacturer of Quality DC and AC Power Supplies since 1967


aLDONEX is proud to offer our new UNIVERSAL amp hour totalizer & Controller


Aldonex is your one stop repair shop.  We offer field service, repairs, rebuilds, transformer rewinds as well as new and used equipment.  All work is done in house!  Save time and money with us.  We will do a free evaluation of your power supply and quote you on the repairs needed.  We have the technical and repair staff to handle the most extensive repairs and rebuilds. We can repair and rebuild RAPID, DYNAPOWER, CLINTON POWER / BENJAMIN POWER, DELTA,  DARRAH, HBS, and most other rectifier brands.  All repaired components and rewinds come with a 1 year warranty!

1/4 Din Case Shown.

*As Shown
- Clinton Power 1500ADC 2-12VDC Tapswitch

- Full Transformer Rewind 

- Modified Polyester Varnish Dipped

- New (much improved) Tap Switches