Should I buy Air or Water Cooled?

This all dependent on your water quality and air quality.  We can help advise but ultimately it is up to the end user.  See the links below for our general installation and location guidelines.

What is you warranty policy?

In most cases all products bought from Aldonex Come with a 1 year warranty standard.  Extended warranties can be purchased when ordered.  Please see our full warranty in the link below.

What is the quality of diodes used on your power supplies?

​​All Aldonex power supplies utilize oversize semiconductor diode assemblies (unless secondary SCR in which case it will use oversized thyristor assemblies). On most power supplies 1000ADC and higher Aldonex will utilize multi-cell diode assemblies.  All diode assemblies are oversized by approximately 45% or better in order to withstand any excessive surge in current. The balance of our multi-cell diodes are so close we do not need to use diode fuses or balancers.  This will cut out costly replacements and downtime. These diodes have been in the field on our units with tremendous success.

What is your maximum operating temperature?

All of our components are designed to operate continuously at 40°C Maximum. Operating below this will insure a Longer Life Cycle.  High Temperature Packages are available.

Do you offer custom enclosures?

Yes, Aldonex will manufacture or use a customer provided custom enclosure if specified.  We will work with you on size constraints, custom bus bar layouts, or custom cabinet sizes.  This is what sets us apart from the “other guys”.  We can manufacture an enclosure out of poly, ABS, UL approved poly, powder coated steel, or stainless steel (you can choose grade and finish).  Our standard offerings are NEMA 1 (Air Cooled), NEMA 2 (Air Cooled Switch Mode), NEMA 3R (Air Cooled if requested), and NEMA 4 (Water Cooled).  Other custom options may be available.

How do I know which size SCR or Switch Mode rectifier my process requires?

If using IGBT technology (switch mode) these can cover a wide variety of applications due to power factor correction inherent in their design.   When utilizing Thyristor (SCR) we would recommend you size the rectifier as close as you can to your process voltage requirement.  This will result in the highest level of efficiency and keep power factor intact.  Another benefit is ripple will be close to 5% without the addition of a filter choke.  If you insist on SCR for multiple process voltages we can offer a multi-tap transformer design that can cover a wider variety of processes. 

Do you make your own transformers?

Yes, Aldonex makes over 99% of their power transformers in house.  The transformer core consists of steel laminations of grain oriented M6 silicon steel. The Primary and Core are separated by a solid performed silicon impregnated class H insulation coil form, to minimize the possibility of Primary to Core short circuits. The transformer has heavy duty solid copper buss bar secondary windings for greatest rigidity. The current in windings is limited to a density of 600 circular mils per ampere. 

The complete transformer assembly is double dipped in the highest quality insulating varnish, resulting in quiet units which will withstand the typical plating shop environment and operate cool under a full load.

Where is my serial number located?

Your serial number will be located on the nameplate of the rectifier and on the original manual accompanied with the unit.  The nameplate is generally located on the front of the unit. If you do not have this please give us a call at (708) 547-5663.  We keep extensive records on every rectifier sold.  We may be able to make a replacement or provide the original serial number from our database.

What is the technical support phone number?

You can reach technical support at (708) 547-5663 x107 during normal business hours.  You can also email

​How do I order a schematic or manual for my power supply?

You can call us at (708) 547-5663 or email  One of our trained staff will be able to provide you with the necessary documents.  Feel free to check out our Downloads page. Some of our common schematics and product manuals can be found there.

Can Aldonex calibrate my rectifier?

Yes Aldonex can provide calibration for your rectifier in house or on site.  Please contact our Service Department at (708) 547-5663 x107 or email