* Shown with Digital Meters (1% or Better Accuracy!)

* Shown with Digital Meters (1% or Better Accuracy!),   Ramp, and Amp Hour Totalizer & Controller

* Shown with Digital Meters (1% or Better Accuracy!),     Ramp, and Cut-Off Timer

* Shown with the 'EZ" Controller and F4TADX Data Logger

(1% or Better Accuracy!)


Aldonex can offer a variety of controls. We pride ourselves on being one of the few manufactures that will custom build controls to suit your needs.  We offer Remote and Self-Contained options.

Standard Controls

Our standard offering includes the following:

- Remote or Self Contained

- Non Corrosive Enclosure with stainless hinge (if remote) Approx. 12"x10" (NEMA 4/IP66)

- Analog Meters

- Corrosion resistant push buttons or Rocker Switches 

- Corrosion resistant hardware

Optional upgrades:

- Digital Meters (IP65 Rating. Accuracy is 1% or better)

- Amp Hour Meter

- Cut-Off Timer(s)

- Buzzers or Alarms

- Custom Indicating Lamps

- Basic Ramp Controller (P1203 No Step Ramping)

- "EZ" Controller (Current/Voltage Ramping, Step Ramp, Reversing, Timers, Amp Hour, Alarm(s), 1sec Pulse)

- Slow Pulse (Low Freq. Pulse) 1s-5940s  

- Fast Pulse (High Freq. Pulse)  .05s-600s Switch Mode Only

- PLC Computer Interface (Start/Stop, Dry Contacts etc.)

- Various PLC Feed Back Options (0-20mA, 4-20mA, 0-5VDC, and 0-10VDC)

- Interface for Profibus-DP, Interbus-S, and Modbus

- Stainless Steel Remotes, Custom sized remotes (per your spec) or Custom cabinets.


* Shown with "EZ" Controller Touchpad Interface. 

  (1% or Better Accuracy!)

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* Shown with Digital Meters (1% or Better Accuracy!),

  and Cut-Off Timer

* Shown with Standard Analog Meters

* Shown with Digital Meters (1% or Better Accuracy!),

 and Variable Ramp

* Shown Self-Contained with the "EZ" Controller