*As Shown

- 2500ADC 0-35VDC (Custom Spec)

- Electropolished Staineless Steel Cabinet

- Air Cooled

- Self Contained

- Standard Controls

scr power supplies (thyristor)

Features Include
• Available in Single Phase (110VAC-240VAC 50/60HZ)
• Available Three Phase (208VAC-600VAC 50/60HZ) (higher voltages upon request)
• Applications available up to 500kW (>375kW will be in parallel on some applications)
• Primary and Secondary SCR designs
• 5% Ripple at full load (optional/custom filtering available for <5% thoughout the operating range)
• Constant Current and Constant Voltage (crossover regulation of 0.5% or better!)

• All Control Boards are microprocessor based for the highest accuracy! (New for 2018!)

• All Control Boards are conformal coated (MIL-1-46058 or MIL-V-173)
• Air or Water Cooled
• Self-Contained or Remote Controlled
• All of our power supplies are designed for continuous duty at 40° C (high temp packages available)
• Aldonex power supplies utilize soft-start technology and thermal protection
• Three Phase models include Phase Monitoring/Protection
• Custom and Modular Designs available
• Manufactured and Developed in the USA

We can custom build and design a rectifier to meet almost any requirements!

• Amp Hour/Minute/Second Meter (pump control optional)
• Digital Meters (IP65 Rating. Accuracy is 1% or better)

• Setpoint Meter
• Automatic Ramp
• Step Ramping
• Cut-Off Timer
• Alarm

• Slow Pulse (Low Freq. Pulse) 1s-5940s  

• Periodic Reversing (Manual or Automatic)

• PLC Interface (0-5VDC, 0-10VDC, 4-20mA)
• PLC Start/Stop
• Custom Dry Contacts
• "EZ" Controller (see additional literature)
• Filter Choke (reduce AC ripple)

• Built in disconnects and many other protection options

• Protection Grade up to NEMA 4
• We welcome custom controls!

*As Shown

- 1000ADC 0-24VDC

- Water Cooled

- Poly Cabinet

- Remote Control ("EZ" Controller)

- Ramp

- Cut-Off Timer

*As Shown

- 10,000ADC 0-15VDC

- Air Cooled

- Powder Coated Steel Cabinet

- 5% Ripple Choke

- Remote Control 

*As Shown

- 500ADC 0-24VDC x4 (Modular Unit)

- Air Cooled

- Poly Cabinet

- Self Contained Controls ("EZ" Controller)

- Independent Output and Operation

- Built In Periodic Reverse

- Ramp

- Cut-Off Timer

- 1 "EZ" Controller for each 500ADC module

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