Aldonex inc. "Ez" Controller

"ez" Controller

Aldonex is setting the bar higher with our  “EZ” Controller digital touch-pad interface!

Our controller utilizes a digital touch-pad interface as well as a 240x128 backlit LCD graphical display. The contrast is user adjustable for easy viewing at any angle. This controller is based on microprocessor technology delivering unparalleled precision and regulation. The HMI is rated NEMA 4 (IP66) and can be installed in our standard NEMA 4 "remote" enclosure or self-contained on the front panel of you power supply. This equates to a robust touchpad that is designed to handle the toughest environments. We offer a multitude of optional features that can be added on at any time with a 6 digit unlock code. No longer do you have to bring in an electrician or send the remote or rectifier back if you want to add an additional feature in the future.

Standard Features
• Self Diagnostics with Fault Alerts
• DFT Feature (Digital Fine Tuning) Constant sampling resulting in a highly stable DC output
• Soft Start (user adjustable)
• Selectable audio and visual alarms

• Cut-Off or Duration Timer
• Resettable and Non-Resettable Amp Hour/Minute Meter (9 digits) 
• Preset Amp Hour/Minute Cycles 
• Current or Voltage Ramping
• Current or Voltage Ramping with step/soak (24 ramp/soak steps)
• All options feature cut-off, alarm, repeat, or continuous operation after it competes it's cycle
• Up to 50 user configured presets can be stored and recalled in the future as a "recipe"
• Up to 4 programmable shortcut keys
• Can be retrofitted into almost any SCR/Switch Mode power supply (inc. other manufacturers)
• 24VDC Control with a reliable RS485 Interface
Manufactured and Developed in the USA

Optional Features
• Manual and Automatic Periodic Reverse
• Up to 4 user selectable Voltage Taps

• Slow Pulse (Low Freq. Pulse) 1s-5940s (utilizes a 2 step repeating ramp program)

• 4-20mA, 0-10VDC, 0-5VDC PLC/Computer Interface