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Ripple is a byproduct of converting AC to DC.  Ripple is superimposed on top of the DC output Voltage.  Typically this can be greater than 5% when operating less than 100%kW on a SCR DC Power Supply.  This is inherent with the SCR's chopping up the waveform.  Ripple can vary depending on the type of rectifier.  Processes such as Precious Metals, Tin, Chrome, as well as Aerospace Applications will require ripple better than 5% from 20-100%kW!  Aldonex can offer internal filter chokes or external chokes. Internal Chokes are typically built into new equipment at the time of order. All of our external chokes are enclosed in a rust-proof poly enclosure with a rating of at least NEMA12!

Features Include
• Applications are available from 10ADC to 15000ADC ( >15,000ADC available upon request)
• Aldonex filter chokes be "built in" to new equipment or installed externally as an "add-on" unit
• Enclosed or non-enclosed Filter Chokes are available
• Typical AC Ripple with filtering is 5% or better from 20-100% kW
• Aldonex can offer filtering of <1% on SCR units upon request!
• External units are enclosed in a Poly-Pro enclosure. (Powder Coated Steel, and Stainless Steel is optional)

• Manufactured and Developed in the USA