Aldonex inc. Power Supplies

What we Can offer

Aldonex can offer a line of new DC or AC Power Supplies for various uses:

- Metal Finishing (Gold, Silver, Platinum, Aluminum Anodizing, Chrome,

  Zinc, Nickel, Copper, Tin, The list goes on!
- Electropolishing
- Printed circuit boards (PCB)
- Mining/Electrowinning "Electroextraction"
- Water treatment /Electrochlorination/Electrocoagulation 
- E. Coat 
- Anodizing including AC Color Anodizing 
- Pulse Anodizing
- Electro Cleaning

Sizes Offered

We manufacture power supplies up to 100kA DC and up to 600V DC!

These are available in Air Cooled or Water. 

We can CUSTOM BUILD a power supply to suit almost any need!

Steel, Poly Pro, Or Custom Enclosures of your choice

All of our power supply components are designed to operate continuously at 40°C maximum.


ALDONEX has new rectifiers in stock!

We can offer generous financing and payment terms. 0%

Give us a call!