Aldonex inc. Power Supplies

What we Can offer

Aldonex can offer a line of new DC or AC Power Supplies for various uses:

- Metal Finishing (Gold, Silver, Platinum, Aluminum Anodizing, Chrome, Zinc, Nickel, Copper, Tin, The list goes on!
- Electropolishing
- Printed circuit boards (PCB)
- Mining/Electrowinning "Electroextraction"
- Water treatment /Electrochlorination/Electrocoagulation 
- E. Coat 
- Anodizing including AC Color Anodizing 
- Pulse Anodizing
- Electro Cleaning

Sizes Offered

We manufacture power supplies up to 100kA DC and up to 400V DC  These are available in Air Cooled or Water.  We can CUSTOM BUILD a power supply to suit almost any need including modular units or units with tight size constraints.

Steel, Poly Pro, Or Custom Enclosures of your choice

All of our power supply components are designed to operate continuously at 40°C maximum.