Experience & Reliability You Can Trust

The people at Aldonex are personally concerned about their customers. This concern makes the Aldonex team ready to serve. We have the technicians and engineers ready and able to meet your every specification. We have the craftsmen assembling and checking through the entire manufacturing process. Quite a few of the people who started with Aldonex are still at the plant. They are putting their many years of experience into the assembly of our products.

Quality is what makes Aldonex a recognized leader in the electroplating field.  We have been manufacturing industrial power supplies for over 50 years.  Our power supplies are hand crafted and made in the USA. Quality is what makes Aldonex products perform and last.  

about us

From its central location in Bellwood, Illinois, and with representatives throughout the country, thousands of Aldonex power supplies have been installed in many different applications. Every Aldonex power supply is proudly manufactured in the USA.

In 1967 Don Miller founded Aldonex Inc. in Bellwood, Illinois. Working out of a small shop; the company stressed quality and service. Several expansions later the company is still stressing quality and service. Aldonex has since grown to a major National and International Corporation firmly established as one of the leading manufacturers of DC and AC power supplies.

Aldonex maintains a high reputation in the electroplating industry. The confidence we have in our products, our service, and our technical & engineering staff is unsurpassed! From the very beginning we have designed and wound all of our transformers in house. We cut all of our own iron. We provide our customers with a hand crafted product that originates directly from our own shop. We refuse to use inferior products! Our materials will meet or exceed your specifications. It has always been our belief that you pay for what you receive. Our top quality products provide you with long years of service and exceptional dependability. An inferior product is no bargain if it has to be replaced sooner or serviced often!