AC or DC variable transformer power supplies

Features Include
• Available in Single & Three Phase Inputs (110VAC-690VAC 50/60HZ)
• Available in & Three Phase Outputs (110VAC-690VAC 50/60HZ)

• up to 500kW!!
• ≤ 5% Ripple on all DC Output Models (optional filter resulting in <5% available)
• Over Current Protection
• Circuit Breakers are standard on most models
• Linear and step-less control throughout the output range
• Air or Water Cooled
• Manual or Motorized
• Self-Contained or Remote Controlled (remote on motorized only)
• All of our power supplies are designed for continuous duty at 40° C (high temp packages available)
• Custom and Modular Designs available
• Manufactured and Developed in the USA

• Constant Current and Constant Voltage Control/Regulation
​• Amp Hour/Minute Meter (pump control optional)
• Digital Meters (IP65 Rating. Accuracy is 1% or better)
• Set-point Meter
• Motorized Control
• Cut-Off Timer
• Alarm
• PLC Interface (0-5VDC, 0-10VDC, 4-20mA)
• PLC Start/Stop
• Custom Dry Contacts
• Periodic Reversing (Manual or Automatic)
• Filter Choke (reduce AC ripple)
• Protection Grade up to NEMA 4X
• We welcome all custom controls!

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