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Aldonex can manufacture Modular Power Supplies in any configuration. Switch Mode, SCR, Tapswitch, and Variable Transfomer.  Multiple outputs and custom sizes available.

modular power supplies

Features Include

- Most applications available up to 375kW (Custom builds over 375kW in parallel) 
- Most applications available up to 15,000 Amps (Custom builds in >15000A in parallel)
- Available up to 600 Volts DC (Higher voltages available upon request)
- Single and Three Phase Input
- Air and Water cooled designs.
- Primary and Secondary SCR designs.
- Independent Current and Voltage controls.
- Automatic phase sequence control.
- Voltage and phase loss cut off.
- Non-Corrosive Polypro or Powder Coated Steel Cabinets. Can be built to various NEMA ratings.
- Remote control or self contained.
- Direct computer control with 4-20mA, 0-5Vdc or 0-10Vdc signal is optional (Input and or Output)
- Built in Soft Start circuitry allows power delivered to the load to increase gradually

- All boards are conformal coated (MIL-1-46058 or MIL-V-173)
- Available fixed or variable ramping. 5% ripple filtering at full load. Additional filtering is available.
- Automatic and Manual Periodic Reverse Available. Can be built in or external.
- Current Trip (Limit) circuitry protects the power supply against direct short circuit of the output buss.
- Remote control can be located next to the tank, within easy reach of the operator.

- Standard analog instrumentation provides easy to read indication of output voltage and current. For  increased output span control; ten turn potentiometers can be installed.

We can custom build and design a modular rectifier to meet almost any requirements!


- "EZ" Controller 
- Auxilary Remotes
- Amp Hour Meters
- Special and Dual Voltages
- Cut Off Timers
- Alarms
- Digital Metering (IP65 Rating. Accuracy is 1% or better)
- Various PLC Feed Back Options (0-20mA, 4-20mA, 0-5VDC, and 0-10VDC)
- CE and UL equivalent certifications.
  The list goes on!