Factory Address

2917 St. Charles Rd.

Bellwood, Illinois 60104

email: sales@aldonex.com

phone: (708)547-5663


f4tadx Data logger

Standard Features
· Easy to read 4.3” Graphical Touch Panel
· Simplified design reduces complexity
· Log Voltage, Amperage, Operator(s), & Date and Time (Additional log points available)
· Encrypted & non-encrypted files (.ENC & .CSV for easy viewing!)
· Graphical Trend Chart

Easy Connectivity and Data Mobility
· Two USB Host ports
· USB Device Port with our Included bar-code Scanner for easy Batch Processing and tracibility!
· USB Port for serial communication access
· Use our provided USB storage drive for over 500,000 hours of logging data!
· Ethernet Modbus TCP and SCPI for easy File Transfers and Access
· 232/485 Modbus RTU

Data Logging
· User selectable parameters
· Logging interval: Programmable increments between 0.1 seconds & 60 minutes.
· File Types: .CSV for standard data logging or proprietary format for encrypted data logging.
· Internal storage is 80MB.  Aldonex includes our USB storage for 64GB. 

  This equals over 500,000 hours of .CSV & .ENC file storage!

· Record Date, Time, Operator, Job…the list goes on!  All Standard!

High Quality and reliability for the harshest environments!
· NEMA 4X/IP66 (Aldonex can provide an additional enclosure for easy setup & Installation.  Truly Plug & Play!
· 0-122°F (-18 to 50°C) Operating temperature
· UL, FM, CE, RoHS, W.E.E.E Compliant